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The Hertfordshire Showband - Summer Tour 2017
by Lewis Jenkins - Lead Bass Drummer

“Time to prepare for The World Music Contest” as a newcomer to the band, “plenty of time” I thought, and wasn’t I wrong. But before I knew it, I went from practicing at our Headquarters in Mount Grace School, Potters Bar, learning the music, formation changes, Prances and Swoops and counting out my particular march steps prepared for a snap turn and BOOM!

BOOM! The first beat of my bass drum had been struck, the band are off. Marching through the tunnel into the stadium, instruments glowing and in prime position. A sea of red plumes forcefully flowing forward, against the contrasting green of the pitch. Each band member full of pride, excitement and a pinch of nerves starting to perform. Years of practice, commitment and repetition to prepare for this very moment.

We had begun to play, All Night Long, before long the band had played Conga, our Drum feature 'Tarabewky' and Blame it on the Boogie. We were on the final section, Flash Dance what a feeling. Every time we moved the crowd roared in an overwhelming amount of support. Our mission as always, to entertain to the best of our ability and the crowd were on our side. All our hard work had paid off. But why describe it when you can watch us here

On departing the stadium, the band celebrated with cheers of elation and relief. Feeling honoured we could not contain our excitement. It is often said that as a band we are like a family and upon watching the band celebrate this could not be truer. Friendships created from this band as well as both parent and child performing together sharing an embrace. Down from the stand entered the many toddlers dressed in their HSB t-shirts running towards their parents to offer them a congratulatory cuddle. For some members, this was their seventh trip for others their first, we have been united in preparation for this summer tour. Our performance at WMC was to be our icing on top of a very delicious cake.

Luckily the sun had shone for our performance, the same cannot be said for the Muster/results. Having not entered the March Parade before we were unsure as to how we would fair. March Contest results were in... “SILVER”, very nice indeed. Then the results for our March Parade... “GOLD”. The feeling of joy was astounding. We did it! After celebrating for a rather long time we somehow found the energy to march off performing. How we completed this is beyond me, however we made it.

Later followed a very emotional celebration at a quaint Italian restaurant, full of dancing and singing. From there on we continued our tour to Disneyland Paris to play down Main Street before the Parade. Although slightly wet this did not dampen our Disney spirit. We later returned home, on a very sleepy coach, taking the time to recuperate. We finally returned home knowing that we have produced a GOLDEN performance and have gained a GOLDEN experience.

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